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What do you know about house water filter systems? If you’re like most Americans, then it’s probably not a whole lot. We take clean drinking water for granted; dirty water is considered to be an issue with third world countries, not something that would affect the US. The Environmental Protection Agency and other organizations would argue that this view is rather naive. While the water that comes out of the taps in most cities is not visibly dirty (i.e., it doesn’t usually look muddy), it can be contaminated with a wide range of organic and inorganic materials. Well water, used by some municipalities and many rural residents, can fare even worse. Just because you can’t see the pollutants doesn’t mean they’re not there, and that’s why an omni water filter or similar system is a wise investment for any home. While this may sound alarmist, it’s really only common sense. We tend to have our heads in the sand with some assumption that modern technology and sensible government will protect us from anything, but we wouldn’t need to install pentek water filters if the authorities weren’t in a little over their heads.  Ironically, the high standard of living we enjoy is at the root of many the issues identified with our drinking water supply. Prolific industry and widespread agriculture all play a role in contributing to the unseen contamination of our drinking water. Farming on an industrial scale involves the use of massive amounts of fertilizer, as well as insecticides and herbicides being applied to crops. These chemicals leach into the soil and can wash into streams with rain; either way, they end up making an appearance in groundwater and lakes, primary sources of drinking water. Municipal water treatment plants take care of much of the pollutants, but not everything, and well water often has minimal treatment before reaching the consumer. A company that specializes in house water filter systems like can steer you in the direction of a filtration system that will further refine the water coming into your home -an omni water filter, or pentek water filters, for example- helping to guard against impurities that made it past initial treatment or were introduced after treatment (by corroding lead pipes or other sources). For those who don’t trust the tap water and turn to bottled drinking water instead, I’m afraid there’s no good news on that front. Manufacturers go to great lengths to minimize this information, but what people most people don’t realize is the majority of bottled water is simply high priced municipal tap water. It’s put in plastic bottles (which can release their own contaminants) and slapped with a fancy label, but that’s about it.

Pete Greer is an environmental activist who suggests house water filter systems as a line of defense against drinking water contamination. After several years of testing different models, Pete recommends pentek water filters, but says any decent model is better than nothing.

  • Reduces rust and sediment
  • Improves taste – reduces odor and chlorine
  • Removes cryptosporidium and giardia cysts

Product Description
* Features 3/4″ channeling throughout for fastest flow rate * Built to last, durable polypropylene construction * Easy do-it-yourself installation * Cartridge and tank wrench not included

Omni Corporation 0B1 Whole House Water Filter

Omni RS3-DS String Wound Whole House Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

June 6, 2010

Reduces rust and sediment
Fits Whole House Water Filter OB1 (1653-7201) and OB5
3 months or 15,000-Gallon average cartridge life
5 GPM flow rate
20-Micron rating

Product DescriptionThe OmniFilter RS3-SS water filter is a string-wound filter that fits all Omni basic and medium duty whole house water filtration systems. The RS3-SS also fits any other brand of water filter housing [...]

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Omni Corporation U25E Whole House Water Filter System with Clear Housing

June 3, 2010

Whole-house water filter system
Non-chemical water treatment removes harmful bacteria, chemicals, and pollutants
Filter changing is easy and can be done without shutting off the water line
Includes pressure release valve; cartridges; on-off-bypass valve; multi-purpose wrench; installation hardware
Fits 3/4-inch waterline and has built-in by-pass and shut-off valve Product DescriptionYou can rest assured that your family has pure drinking [...]

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Omni RS1-SS Pleated Paper Whole House Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

May 17, 2010

Reduces rust and sediment
For use with the Whole House Water Filter OB1 (1653-7201)
20-Micron rating
Pleated paper
3 months or 15,000-Gallon average cartridge life

Product Description* Removes sand, silt, rust and loose scale and improves taste * Removes odor, and harmful chemicals * Fits most standard size water filters
Omni RS1-SS Pleated Paper Whole House Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

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Omni TO1-SS Carbon Wrapped Whole House Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

May 1, 2010

NSF certified
2-Micron filtration
Reduces taste, odor, chlorine
Reduces rust and sediment
Included in Whole House Water Filters R14 (1653-1022), U24, and U25 (1653-7508)

Product Description* Filters bad taste, odor, rust and sediment if present in your water * For use in whole house or under sink water filters * Fits standard size water filters
Omni TO1-SS Carbon Wrapped Whole House [...]

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